Our Mission:


We try to impact lives through pocket change.


Our Mission

We strive to help as many people as possible through source crowdfunding of pocket change. We try to reward those who give back because people who give should be rewarded too!

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Weekly Drawings starting April 28th.


Money to charity

Half of the money given to Zurila will be distributed to our partnered charity for that month. Aproximately $62 million dollars are thrown away of change each and every year. Putting that money into good use is so vital to bettering our world.

money back to those who give

In addition to donating money to charities, Zurila strives in giving back to those who give. Every cent given to Zurila, will be automatically entered into our weekly drawing. The winner of the drawing will receive 25% of the total pot, two additional people will be chosen to receive 15% and 10% respectively.


April 2019

Because of Zurila I value pocket change much more differently. That change could not only make a difference to me but to those who need it.

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